Rob is a sought after keynote speaker. He speaks and writes on issues relating to nonprofits, leadership, spirituality, social-justice and personal development.

Impact & Influence: Interview with Fatima Doman

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[TV Show] Impact & Influence with Bill White

Here is my latest show that is airing now on PCTV:



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My New TV Show, Impact and Influence!

Super excited to unveil my new show.
Take a look at a sneak peak of my show.
It will air Friday morning (March 23rd, 2018) on #PCTV between 9 and 10 am.
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PCTV To Air New Program Highlighting the Non-Profits

Park City, Utah – March 9, 2018 – Park City Television is proud to announce the debut of its newest television program, Impact and Influence, a thirty minute, bi-weekly television series hosted by Dr. Rob Harter, Executive Director of the Christian Center of Park City.

Rob Harter will interview and highlight the many people, community services and activities serving Park City and the Wasatch Front. “It is my hope for this show that we can focus on those bright lights of social change. Positive stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things. People who are passionate and committed to making their world better,” says Rob.

Park City Television’s Vice President and General Manager, Danielle Turner, states “We are excited to partner with Rob Harter and the Christian Center on this project. We look forward to bringing an even greater awareness to the wonderful work done by the local non-profits in Park City and the entire Wasatch area.”

Stephen Mumblow, President and Owner of Park City Television, remarks “Impact andInfluence, under the direction of Rob Harter, will be an example of what Community Television is all about.  Serving the people of our Hometown and its neighbors”.

“Impact and Influence” can be seen on Park City Television every Friday morning at 9:30am on Comcast Channels 17 in the Wasatch Back, 102 in the Wasatch Front, over-the-air digital HD 45.1, and on our website via Livestream.

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Paul Miles

Finding adequate funding for one’s nonprofit is an ever present challenge. How can you as a Nonprofit leader find the right grants and create capacity building into your organization? Today’s guest will help address just that. Paul C. Miles is the president and CEO of “We Raise Foundation”. As he shares with us today. he also talks about the critical importance of investing in and raising up emerging leaders. This is a podcast focused on leadership. I think you are going to really be inspired by what he has to say about this topic.

We Raise Foundation hopes to be at the forefront of identifying innovative ideas, people and programs that raise consciousness, community leadership and capital to break the cycles of poverty, violence and social inequality that have so long plagued America’s communities.
Enjoy today’s show.



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Dr. Edward Alvarez

Our guest this week is Dr. Edward Alvarez. He is not only a top NYC cosmetic dentist in NYC, but he has made it his goal in life to give back to those in need. From serving as a Police Surgeon for both the New York State Troopers and the Amtrak Police Department, to helping provide assistance to victims of hurricane Sandy, Dr. Alvarez gives back to his community in significant ways. We feature leaders on this show who are making their world better, and Dr. Alvarez shares his story of how he is doing just that. Enjoy today’s show.


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Namira Salim

What does it take to set up the first Peace Summit in Space?
Our guest this week on the Nonprofit Leadership Show is aiming for exactly that. Namira Salim is an avid promoter of private spaceflight and has undertaken pioneering peace expeditions to both poles of the world, and is the first Pakistani and first woman from Monaco and the UAE to have reached the North and South Poles in 2007/08. She also started Space Trust a social enterprise that champions world peace through dialogue and education. She is a regular speaker at top space industry events, UN Conferences and has held official peace-themed exhibitions during the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
You are really going to enjoy today’s show!
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Many of you may not know that I’m the father of three daughters. As such, I am regularly helping them navigate through various options for their future education and potential career opportunities. When it comes to education, one of the buzzwords that is ubiquitous in today’s educational world is STEM. Historically, women and girls have been underrepresented in STEM related fields. Our guest on the show today is Janice Levenhagen, founder and CEO of ChickTech, which is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing and retaining the number of women and girls in technology-based careers. Motivated by her own experience, Janice has helped to develop workshop programs, creating greater awareness about/ and access to/ female role models, in order to spark interest in STEM-related fields. Enjoy today’s show as Janice shares what the nonprofit she leads is doing to encourage more women and girls to consider STEM-related careers.

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CyberSecurity for Nonprofits

Should Nonprofits be worried about cyber attacks? If so, what can they do to protect themselves from such attacks?

Today’s podcast is all about cyber attacks, how they are impacting the nonprofit industry, and the ways in which nonprofit leaders can better prepare for them and learn how to mitigate the risks. Our guest is Bobby Horn, lead placement cyber expert for Crystal & Company – a leading insurance brokerage out of New York. He will share how in 2016, our country saw a massive increase in the number of cyber attacks into organizations and businesses both large and small. Sadly, analysts predict this will continue in 2017 as hackers increase their sophistication. This is a show you don’t want to miss.

Sponsored by CCPC, produced by Nate Vineyard


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Robin Peters

How does a for-profit business support nonprofits most effectively? Can a for-profit business have a vibrant and

sustainable social enterprise impact? This week’s guest is going to share some insights on this key topic.  Robin Peters is the Executive Director of the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation and she will share how Firehouse Subs has successfully done this especially as they have come alongside first responders and provided lifesaving equipment. Over the years, Robin has helped establish Firehouse Subs Foundation as a highly respected and effective national non-profit entity. Enjoy today’s show.

Nonprofit Leadership Podcast is produced by Nathan Vineyard and Sponsored by CCPC.

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